November 2, 2009

Abby is good at playing the violin.

The most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy is SO GOOD!

Today I got a letter from Boo in the mail and it made my day! It's so weird because last week I sent her a letter to surprise her, and she sent me one too! As a surprise! Without knowing I was sending her one! Anyway, it was a good letter.

I have had a perpetual headache for at least a week and it is really annoying. I took three ibuprofen earlier and it still didn't really help...

I've given up facebook for four days for missionary week. That is my contribution, plus scripture study.

Tonight, I've eaten almost a whole bag of white cheddar popcorn. NASTY. I can't wait for In-n-Out to open...not that I'll be able to go very often, but I will cherish the times I do. I decided today that hardly anything I eat anymore is worth's just like, I eat because I'm hungry and I have to. Or because I'm just a pig...and none of it is really that good. BESIDES the pears that my mom canned! I opened them up this week and they are SO DELICIOUS. Thanks mommy :)

I've been craving Red Mango for days now. I tried to go on Halloween night, but apparently they closed at 8 for the "holiday." What the? HOLIDAY? I think that is such bogus. I do not consider Halloween to be a holy day. At all. In fact, I think it is rather pagan and devilish. I actually don't really appreciate it at all. Sure, I think it's fun to dress up and I love costumes and everything, but there IS NO REASON WHY RED MANGO SHOULD CLOSE EARLY. In my home, we will not celebrate Halloween. Before you FREAK OUT, Yes, my kids will still dress up and go trick-or-treating, etc. But I am not going to treat it like some grand zippidy-doo-dah day. Because it's not.

I get to register for classes tomorrow. As of right now, I am planning my GEs around an Elementary Education major. No, it's not something I've "always wanted to do." The only thing I've always wanted to do is sing and be a mom. Pretty sure. But I have been strongly considering it over the past few years and I know I would love being a teacher. So if everything goes as planned, tomorrow at midnight I will register for: Biology 100, Human Development, Honors American Government (instead of American Heritage), Second half of Book of Mormon, and Spanish 205! 15 credit hours. I have some back-ups in case I don't get into the classes I want at first, but I am pretty confident that over the next couple of weeks people will change their schedules, leaving spaces in the classes I want.

Today, I got my quizzes back from Poly Sci last week, and I was really worried about them. My partner, Eric, wasn't there pretty much all week so I had to do the group quizzes by myself, and I didn't read very thoroughly so I just did the best that I could...and thought I was going to bomb them. But I got 100% on every single one! YAY, ME!

My voice lesson went pretty well today. I got a new song! Finally. I was getting so sick of my songs. I am singing a wicked arrangement of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" that goes up to a B (B flat maybe, I don't remember) above the staff...KILL ME. Sometimes I dread it, but my voice teacher Laura is very encouraging and helpful.

I can't believe the semester has gone by so quickly! How weird. It seems like I just got here. I really need to start appreciating the day-to-day more, instead of just looking to the future. I have realized that sometimes my eternal perspective gets in my way. For example, when I am doing a paper or something (I turned in one at 4:57 was due at 5. Noice.) and it's not going so well I'm just like, all of eternity this paper really won't fact, my grades won't really matter either...and it just keeps spiraling downward after that! It's so silly of me. I am dreading getting old! I have no idea what it will be like because I'm so used to being young, and I definitely DO NOT appreciate my youth enough. And I know that once I get old I'm going to sit around and be like "WHEN I WAS YOUNG..." and blab about the good ol' days. Another thing I know I'm going to regret all the time I spend on facebook...which is why I'm not going on for four days and why I am going to (try) to cut down. I have a lot of goals and things I need to be better at...and so far I am succeeding or two! So I would say that is pretty good.

As far as cleaning my room goes, I have pretty much let myself go. It is really really really really unlivable. And everytime I see it I'm like okay, I need to clean this...and then I say IMPOSSIBLE! And I step on/over half my wardrobe which is in one mass pile on my floor. Sorry mom, if you're reading this. I really had kept it clean for the first...two months! That is an accomplishment.

Okay, this is getting way to long and I still have to make an entire post about President Uchtdorf's fireside last night. It was that good.

Emily Culp just checked the temperature of the shower water and declared that it is...'kind of warm...' THIS IS THE LIFE I LIVE! I don't remember the last time I took a hot shower. Gotta love it.

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  1. ha. UGH. i miss normal showers and washing machines that don't cost 75 cents.