October 30, 2009

"Tor, Scandanavian god of THUNDAH."

Today, my 8 AM class got cancelled. Hallelujah. Also, my writing teacher makes between 700-1,000 donuts every year for Halloween...so she had to cancel class today. It's actually really cool like whoever knows about it, which is everyone, goes to her house and they fry the donut in front of you so it's not like sketchy and then you put all your own toppings on it. She says people she doesn't even know come over and she just has a bunch of strangers in her house. When they first moved here she wanted to start a tradition so she invited all her neighbors over for donuts but nobody came and she was really sad...Mom, that reminds me of you for some reason...Thanksgiving dinner that nobody came to? But anyway, now it's a huge deal and she has to spend days making donuts! I'm going. SO point is, I only had one class today. And then I was going to go to a lecture but I couldn't find the room and it was just embarrassing, sooo I didn't.

It's snowing again today! I love it :) I got my red coat out though, and it's all dusty and wrinkly...it may have to hang up for a while before I can wear it.

I had a dream that Chris Remy and I crashed a white lexus. Into a red semi-truck. WEIRD, I KNOW.

Taylor Swift has new songs! I like them...but it's hard to ignore the fact that she is becoming more and more poppy. Which is sad...but maybe now she won't have to make STUPID STUPID pop remixes that sound just like the original.

Oh, I'm being Hannah Montana for Halloween. It's official.

Today, during Political Science, we had to write a paragraph for our quiz. I finished mine and flipped it over on my desk, and my professor was walking around and he came by my seat and was like "Can I read your quiz?" AND I WAS FREAKING OUT. I don't really care that the TA's read my quiz and grade it. But there's something intimidating about a professor...reading my quiz...right in front of me! Anyway, he told me it was "Pretty Good." So I guess all is well.

Today I talked to my Poly Sci TA that I have a huge crush on. His name is Tor. And he's from Norway. I figure I have to write it down so that if we get married, I can go back and be like "Oh, hahaha, how pathetic was I..."

One last thought. I'm sorry, but I think Visiting Teaching is SO awkward. Like...I don't know why but that is what my experience has been so far. The things I'm teaching to them, are the things they teach to the girls THEY visit teach, and are also the things they hear being taught to their roommates. But, it's a calling! And I'm supposed to be making friends with my girls and stuff so I guess that's good, and that's what I will take from it for now.

Happy Birthday, Hannah.
Happy Halloween!

P.S. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsQOpuUertI

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