October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Seeds and Poly Sci

I've never dreaded the weekend this much in my life. Halloween costuming is stinky unless you:
a) don't mind going as a skank.
b) have a fortune.
c) are 8 and you have the best idea for a costume ever and your mom can sew.
Seeing as I do not fit any of the above criteria, I am feeling the pain.

Glee's not on tonight. Bummer. We had an indexing party which constisted of everyone stuffing their faces with pizza and ice cream...not a lot of indexing going on. The system was down though, and everyone promised to do a batch this week, so I guess that's okay. Abby and I got called to the New Family Search commitee. Which is a new committee that they just made I guess. It was really random...like I didn't even know what was happening. Oh well, it should be fun. The more family history the better!

Today I opened the window in my room and it got really chilly in there and I loved it but Abby got mad. I guess it was kindof cold. I tried to take a nap, and failed. Which is weird because I was REALLY tired. I swear I kept my eyes closed for like honestly 30 minutes and I don't even know if I fell asleep or not. I just remember being really content with the temperature...

Oh, there was a little confrontation in my dorm last night about "cleanliness." Apparently, I'm not a clean person...who knew? Really though, I about broke down. I DO NOT like when people boss me around. And so we had this big long talk about how everything does not have to be perfect ALL THE TIME. And it will be OKAY. Well, that's the conclusion we came to...after like 30 minutes. It was pretty much 5 against 1...well, Jess wasn't there, so 4 against 1. But she was NOT backing down. Like it's a freaking dictatorship or something. McKay didn't sound so shocked about the whole me not liking one of my roommates thing. He said something like, "Really? You thought you would like everybody and nothing like this would ever happen? You live with five girls." Touche, McClickey. Touche. These are not all my thoughts on this subject. Not the time or place.

Can I just talk about pumpkin seeds for like, two seconds? How come half the people I talk to have NEVER had pumpkin seeds in their life? That's the point of carving pumpkins! So your mom can bake the seeds and you can eat them for days. Also, why are they so good? Like what even are they? Plant matter? Whatever their makeup, they are delicious.

Today, my Political Science teacher talked about Star Wars and it was awesome. He said something like, "They decided to make him Chancellor Palpetine...Little did they know, a sith lord was about to take over the place." It was really funny at the time, because he looks like Conan O'Brien...and it was just funny. I think he was dissing parliamentarism.

I wrote a really long letter to Alex Bennett today. He is on his mission in Portugal!

I love this weather, even though everyone else is complaining about it being cold. I think it's refreshing and lovely. Some people walk around campus with like no coat on or anything and they look all sad and shivery. I'm just like WHY DON'T YOU JUST PUT ON A COAT?? Like I don't understand...you look like an idiot, you're freezing and whiny, and nobody feels bad for you.

There's a flaming moustache artwork by the HFAC. And I don't really get it, but it's so cool.

P.S. I hate Charmin...TOO SOFT!!!!! TOO THICK!!

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