December 2, 2013


Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, and I pretty much wrote it off this year because we wouldn't be with our family to celebrate. I am very happy to say that I couldn't have been more wronger.  This was one of my favorite Thanksgivings ever.  Also, I fell in love with New York a million times over.  I always say CJ dragged me here, but he is also going to have to drag me out of here.  Kicking and screaming.

On Wednesday night we went to see Romeo and Juliet starring O R L A N D O B L O O M. The Channing Tatum of my generation! (Okay, maybe Channing Tatum is the Channing Tatum of my generation but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.) It was so good! I have always really liked Shakespeare but I still have a hard time following it word for word on stage. The set and music were incredible and I mean...Orlando Bloom. Bye.

Then we were on the train home and started talking about whether or not we wanted to go to the parade...aaaaand neither of us really wanted to. Ha! Too cold and too many people! So we split-second decided to hop off at 81st street and see the balloons live and in person all ready for the parade! It was so cool and they are so much bigger than I thought. Did you know Macy's is the country's second largest consumer of helium?? The first largest is the government...figures.

Hannukah in our apartment lobby...LOLZ. So many variations of tile. Just imagine...this is one small corner of the lobby and you can see four different types!!!

This is the pumpkin cream pie that I actually SLAVED over just for the sake of making something for Thanksgiving. I wish I could properly express the labor that went into this pie, mainly four different grocery stores and a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. And then I had to actually MAKE IT. But it was so so so so good. Thanks again, Pioneer Woman. You are everything.

This is my hubsband at our Thanksgiving dinner. We went to a restaurant called Jacob's Pickles on the UWS and it was so delicious.  They typically serve delicious southern fare like fried chicken and biscuits, cheese grits, etc. so I mean...we knew it was going to be good.

The first course was pickles (they are fms for their pickles, hence the name) and a deviled egg which I loved because I'm hood like that and CJ did not love so I ate his.  The second course was this lovely potato soup with leeks and bacon and probably lots of butter and cream.  And it was served in a mason jar and it was delicious.  When I saw how small the soup was I was like "WHY SO SMALL" but I later realized that they were just looking out for me because...five courses.

Good salad with rocquefort and beets. I love beets.


THE MOTHERSHIP. Course four...a turkey leg (makes me feel so barbaric), stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy. Perfection. And yeah I had a diet coke...

Cannot even attempt to explain the eyebrow/squint situation happening here but I promise I did not get botox.

I know what you're thinking...chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce?  NOPE.

Deep fried oreos with pumpkin spice creme for dipping. Currently salivating...heaven help me.  I will probably crave these every day for the rest of my life.

After dinner we went to Hunger Games at a move theater with recliners and let me tell you.  I don't typically love going to the movies but recliners are a game-changer. 100%.  I suggested we go to the movies probably 5 times this weekend because I liked those recliners a lot.

This is my train to work Friday morning.  My morning commute is usually body-to-body sardines packed onto the train! It was like I was the only person in the whole city going into work on Friday. Oh wait, I was.

On Friday night we ended up doing A LOT of shopping and it was really fun which is weird because I usually hate shopping.  We bought these little elephants from the Bryant Park holiday village.  They were hand-carved in Kenya and I loveeee them. Elephants are my favorite animal besides bears.  We also bought some handmade pillow covers from India and a bunch of stuff from the home section of Anthro.

CJ trying to take a picture of me at Persian dinner...and I did not like it.

But I eventually kind of complied. Kashk Bademjan is like, my favorite food at this point.

The pumpkin cream pie two days later...I was afraid we wouldn't be able to finish it by ourselves.  Understimation.  CJ got me this pie dish with matching rolling pin from Anthro for my birthday.

Saturday we began our apartment hunt.  Our sublet contract is *finally* up after December so we'll be in a new place by Jan 1st!! ...or homeless. Whichever.  PLZ SEND UR GOOD VIBEZ.  This building was actually not that pretty but I'm still not over all the art deco that's rampant in this city.  I LOVE IT.

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