November 25, 2013


Went to the mall by CJ's work to look at the stars. And J. Crew.

Trekked down to the LES for the pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine that I like with all my heart. (I am trying not to say "love" about things because one time in testimony meeting this guy got up and said something about what a kid must think when he hears his dad say "I love you, son" and also say "I love fishing." SO THOUGHT-PROVOKING I CAN'T EVEN.)

This is a candy store that has every candy you can imagine including all the retired candies and old-fashioned nasties like Necco, Circus Peanuts, and those foam saucers with the little balls inside. So gross. We got sour tape! Which we ate in Spain all the time.

I saw this in SoHo and nearly cried because POOR DROSE!

We went to Crate and Barrel because we had some time to kill before we met up with friends. We sat on pretty much every couch in the whole place which is why C&B is the best place to go in the city in the winter when you have time to kill. It's warm and there are couches. Don't know why I thought we would leave without buying something???? P.S. I like this picture of CJ because he is making the SASSIEST face! Haha!

We ate Korean BBQ with our friends Chelsea and Russell. I don't like Korean food that much.

And then we went to karaoke. No trip to Koreatown is complete without a round of karaoke!

Sunday was the Primary Program and I cried pretty much the entire time.  They sang all my absolute favorite songs...this was my year, you guys. Plus CJ is a primary teacher so it was even bettahhh. They hung this banner in the hallway and the kids wrote how they know they're children of God.

My cousin Kai was born and he is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

On Sunday CJ cleaned the whole apartment while I did nothing. See? There's me being useless. On FaceTime. These are the only pictures you will ever see of our current apartment so really let them sink in. That's our bed........and it has always been like that. And we sleep on it.

I will never have a stainless steel fridge because I absolutely love magnets and hanging things on the fridge. Maybe tacky, I don't even care.

As I was sitting on the bed while my husband buzzed all over the place cleaning E V E R Y T H I N G I realized that it had been 6 months since our wedding.  And I started to cry because I have the best husband and I am not always the best when it comes to cleaning. I AM the best wife when it comes to cooking though. You win some, you lose some.

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  1. When we go to Korea, our whole family always goes out to karaoke and we stay until my uncles are wasted. It really is culturally authentic!