December 7, 2012

The end of an era

Just kidding. It's only the end of the semester, but for some reason people are acting like it's the end of the world and being all weird.

"Last Fall semester before I graduate :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( TEARZ"
"OMG can't be the end of the semester......:_("

This is how I feel:

-My brain is totally fried. It's actually, like, scrambled to bits. And I still have 3 tests and a presentation next week. HA.

-Christmas is making me low on funds. My biggest weaknesses as far as spending goes are gifts and baking treats and we all know Christmas is high-time for both of those things! Not to mention all the bridal showers I've been going to...eesh kapeesh. OHHH and then there's this thing called winter break where I don't work for a month. HAHAHAHA bye money.

-This semester did not feel short. It was about 4 months long. And it feels like it's been 4 months.

-My roommates have been going absolutely bonkers decorating for Christmas and I just feel like "MEH" about the whole thing. I care that Jesus was born and I like sparkly things but other than that...don't care.

-Since I am almost done with college I have been pretty retrospective and I figured out that I am like way different than I was when I first got to school. For example, feminism. I have also realized how not different I am. For example, partying when I should be studying. For another example, not patient. For another example, still love pizza so much.

-Diet coke is the lifeblood pumping through my veins. I feel fine about it.

-I can't wait to go to California next weekend and be with my one true love.......SPRINKLES.


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