November 14, 2012


I was going to make a list of everything that is stressing me out, but I think that would just stress me out even more. So I won't make a list. But maybe to give you an idea of the extent of my stress I will let you know that one of the things I am stressed out about is my children dying prematurely in freak accidents. So, there's that. I would like to internalize the following quote from Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. I haven't seen the show but Pai always told me that I am the Mormon version of Carrie Bradshaw so I guess I will take that for what it's worth.

On the bright side, I am going to dinner with mis Amigas Cheetahs* tonight and I am so excited. Also, we are going to Zupas and I haven't stepped foot in that place since I stopped working there so...wish me luck. On the not bright side, my Mom has not texted or tweeted me back today and I am fearful.

I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday (if that is even possible because Wednesdays are world's worst) and that you are so stoked on the Twilight premiere tomorrow night that nothing can bring you down.

*My girlfriends from my Study Abroad who I named after the Cheetah Girls song from Cheetah Girls 2 when they go to Barcelona. Obviously.

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  1. I worry about my children dying ALL the time. Like sometimes I cry myself to sleep over it because I know if someone in my family died I would never ever get over it! Ugh. Life.