June 28, 2012

Missing Paris.

I went to Paris almost two months ago.

I still remember literally everything about the trip! It was one of the best weekends of my life and I feel so lucky that I was able to go.

I started writing like this really long post detailing everything we did but I just decided that it's probably better to focus on highlights.

-The Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysees. I think I gasped 100 times. Such an awesome first night.
-Our hostel was party central. Made friends with Peter from China. Obviously. Turned down billions of free drinks while we were planning our weekend in the lobby. MORMONS.
-Used our shirts as towels.
-Climbing so many stairs at the Eiffel Tower. Ate a Milka bar at the top.
-My favorite place we ate was the little bakery we went to on our first day. I had quiche and coke light and a chocolate tart and each one was the best I have ever had. The waiter said I had a very American face. Thanks!
-The catacombs! So creepy but so great.

-The huge mall where I looked at 200-500 euro baby clothes for hours. (not literally)
-Best McDonald's in the world.
-Macarons from Laduree for the first time. The world stopped.
-Watching the Eiffel Tower twinkle at night. LALALA SO PRETTY!
-St. Michel's, highest stained glass to wall ratio of any cathedral in the world. Gorgeous.
-Notre Dame.
-More delicious food.
-Sitting in the park in Paris writing down my wishes and dreams in my journal. Bliss.

-Notre Dame...beautiful. I was Catholic in another life.

-Love lock bridge. I liked watching these beautiful people smooch. I wanted to cry!

-Moulin Rouge, we did the Can-Can, as you can see.
-Musee d'Orsay. One of my absolute favorite parts of this trip and my whole study abroad. I saw so much beautiful art there IN REAL LIFE including Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, and Gauguin. I remember walking through this museum and thinking, "This is the most my feet have ever hurt."
-We went on a riverboat cruise that we thought would be covered but we had to sit on the uncovered top and it was pouring rain.
-Then we were looking for somewhere to eat and we found this tiny pizza place that was really warm and full of hot waiters, so we went there. I paid like 15 euro for a pizza, but let's just forget about that. It was really delicious and a lovely dining experience overall.
-Waited in line at the Louvre for an hour and a half on free museum day.
-The Mona Lisa was not underwhelming. I thought it was beautiful.
-Searched for Hammurabi's Code in the Louvre for over an hour and we never found it.We asked like 100 different workers for directions and every way we went we got to a dead end. So...still haven't seen that.
-Literally RAN up the Champs Elysees to get to Laduree for macarons before we left.

-Ran even faster to our bus back to the airport to catch our flight. We barely made it.
-A pinky promise to come back someday.


  1. And I am sure Paris misses you!

  2. you need to tag CJ in this post. LOVE YOU.
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