November 26, 2011



Scoring the winning touchdown in the Turkey Bowl. 'Twas awesome. Someone made some snide comment like "That was just dumb luck!" And I said, "No. That was 12 years of dedication!" Dedication to the Turkey Bowl, that is.

The Muppet Movie and the singing that has ensued since we saw it.

Having 20 different types of pie at our annual piefest after Thanksgiving dinner...the best pie I had this year was Cambria's Key Lime with White Chocolate. Ohhhhh my.

Going to the temple with my family and coincidentally running into the Larsens there...small Richland. We did work for over 40 of our family members and for some reason I got baptized for like 30 women. Guess we aren't in Provo anymore!

Not shopping on Black Friday.

Watching Super 8 with my family and screaming the whole time. And holding on to Chloe for dear life.

Sh'bam class at the gym with my momma.

Picking out our Christmas tree even though it wasn't the one I wanted...tyranny of the majority was evident.

The food. The whole time. I am sick of living off food in a can and pieshakes. But I'm actually not sick of pieshakes.

I love my family but you already know this I talk about it all the time they are hilarious and wonderful kthanks, bye.

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  1. Hahaha- I am glad to know that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving darling. :)