November 13, 2011


I am so so thankful for my family.

And I am eternally and especially grateful to my mom and dad...I love them a lot.

I was looking at pictures of all my little cousins on facebook this afternoon (I am the oldest grandchild on both sides) and I am so excited to go home at Thanksgiving and see them!

My family has the best Thanksgivings ever, and I didn't get to go home last year and so I am very very happy to be making the trip this year.

And going along with the theme of families I just can't help but say that I have been VERY anxious to have my own's called babycrazy and it is running rampant in my apartment.

I watched this film this weekend and it is very beautiful. Don't know if I recommend it...but if you watch this trailer it gives you a pretty good idea of the film. You don't get much more plot in the actual movie than you do in the trailer so just expect that if you decide to get it from redbox.

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