November 5, 2011

Thanks a million!

So I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and blog about something I am thankful for every day until Thanksgiving. There are a few reasons for this.

1. People keep accusing me of "skipping" Thanksgiving. Don't really know what that means, but it is probably a reference to the Christmas decorations that are all over my apartment. For heaven's sake, the last thing I want to do is skip Thanksgiving. It is probably my favorite holiday!

2. To make myself blog. This may sound silly to you but I love looking back at my blog and reading about my ride on this eternal emotional rollercoaster. And when I don't blog, I don't have much to look back on. Besides twitter, but that's not as comprehensive.

3. I whine/feel sorry for myself/get upset a lot and maybe having to think of things I am thankful for will cure the whining. Usually doesn't work (see also my grateful journal and other such ventures), but I think I'll just GIVE IT A WHIRL.

I am thankful for my FRIENDS.

Soooo cliche, I know. But this year has been so off-the-chain in the friends department, I just can't not say it.

Through a series of events, I ended up living at Liberty Square for spring and summer this year, and at first I was so bummed. I just wanted to live with Abby, Kenzie, and Hil and I was 90% convinced that my life would be 100% miserable without them. Fortunately, this was not the case. I ended up spending one of the best summers of my life with Jodi and Kara as my roommates in a ward of less than 50 people. It was so much fun and I love those girls to death! Not to mention, I now get to be a part of Kara and Skyler's wedding as a bridesmaid and life as a live-in nanny (please?). I am so so happy for them. I love them and I hope that one day I can be as awesome and in love as they are. And live in Texas. And if I can't live in their house, maybe I can be their neighbor?

Then I moved to King Henry and I live with Abby, Kenz, and V again. They are the blood that runs through my veins. I am being VERY dramatic, but you get the picture.

Obviously, Abby has been my best friend for two years and at this point our lives (hers, mostly) are starting to get really exciting and scary and crazy and we are both planning our futures and making decisions and I am supes totes grateful that she is in my life and that we sleep in the same room.

Kenzie is like my big sister. We spend many mornings together and I am currently living my love life vicariously through her, by which I mean dreaming about her wedding. She really is the best and she planned the coolest date ever last night. THE coolest. She is the rock for all of us: totally stable while the rest of us run around like crazy people not knowing what the h is going on.

When I first met Veronica I could not believe that I had just been one-upped in sassiness. She is so sassy and honest and hilarious, but nothing makes my day more than when I am just walking around the house and Veronica walks up to me and gives me a hug. She is secretly a sweetie.

Baylie is one of our new roommates and she makes me laugh really hard every single day. She grew up on a farm (and she hates when I bring that up) and she is super blunt and gorgeous and crazy and I love her. I love living with her and hanging out with her and listening to dubstep with her and making fun of her in the most loving way possible.

Katie AKA Titi is another one of my new friends/roommatesish and she is in Noteworthy with Kenz. She is my number one supporter in "Six Weeks to Sexy" which should really called "Six Weeks of Sammy's Shakes and other Sweets." Combined, we probably know every random song you have ever heard, including School House Rock, obscure 90's bubblegum pop (Cleopatra comin' atcha), songs from your elementary school music class, and commercial jingles.

Hilary was my roommate last year and I just love that girl! She is cute and smart and I love when she gets really excited or embarassed or mad and blushes a lot. I really like talking to her about life and everything because we always have great conversations.

And last but never, ever least is Amy Faust. Amy has been one of my close friends at college since I met her through Abby during freshman year. If I could quote Mary Poppins, I would call Amy "practically perfect in every way." Seriously. This girl can do it all and she always has my back. And she is super cute at all times and in all things and in all places. That's the Amy Faust motto.

Because I almost always have like one or two best friends I can't remember a time when I had a big group of girlfiends like in the movies. You know what I'm talking about? Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Now and Then, Steel Magolias...BUT NOW I DO! We watch movies and stuff ourselves and go to Sammy's and laugh and cry and dance and do each other's hair and makeup (thanks, Bay) and make dinner together and we are BEST. FRIENDS. FOREVAAAA.

Oh, and I also have boy friends (boyfriends? bo yfriends?) and they are cool.

Halloween 2011. Mckay, Kenz, Michael, Trevor, Bay, Me, Katie the Kitty.
Very beginning of this of our first Sammy's nights! Hil, Bay, Natalie, and moi.
Mega-date party at Kenz's. This was just a few days ago and soooo fun and these are pretty much all of my friends. Almost.
At Paul's homecoming talk on October 23rd.
Cornbelly's when Noteworthy performed. October 22nd. Kenz, Bay, Me, V, Katie. LOVE!


  1. ok i got SO excited when i saw i was included on this list! how lucky am i! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PEOPLE AND I AM THANKFUL THAT I HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE. XOXOXOX

  2. Oh goodness, Friends are wonderful! :)
    Thank you Lord...
    And I totally understand your perspective on Thanksgiving- I prefer my Christmas decorations up before too! :)