October 7, 2011


Ten years ago the US led the invasion of Afghanistan. Ten years with no real end in sight and countless numbers of lives lost: innocent Afghan civilians included. This might sound really cheesy to you but one wish I have on my birthday is that I will be able to see a significant change in US foreign policy and peace, even to a small degree, in my lifetime.

On a totally different note, I asked my mom to tell me what she remembers about the day I was born. I have heard bits and pieces of the story over the years but I wanted to hear it from her...it makes me feel like I should be celebrating my mom instead of myself today! She is awesome and I love her so much.

I was in labor for at least 24 hours before you were born. We watched General Conference on Sunday, and I remember kneeling over the ottoman because my back was killing me (PS later learned that's called back labor). Didn't sleep well Sunday night, and Monday morning our doula/midwife Pam came over and figured out that I was indeed in labor. So, we sat around and waited. Dad got me lunch from Jennifer's Bread and Bakery, which was my fave and a total splurge because we were poor students. I had a turkey sandwich on wheat bread (so yummy!) and some chocolate pudding. My mom (Nana) kept coming over and asking how things were going and generally fretting...Pam was there on and off too, basically trying to keep my mom calm.

About dinnertime, still on Monday, I think, my water broke. Dis.gusting. I took a shower, and was still sort of puttering around, but by this time, my mom was really freaking out "Shouldn't you go to the hospital???!!!" (And this from the woman who is famous for showing up at the hospital literally 5 minutes before the baby is born!) Pam was assuring us we could wait awhile longer before going to the hospital, but finally I had to get out of the house before I strangled my mother - she was making me crazy!

SO, we put her in charge of letting Gran and all the important people know that we were heading to the hospital. That stalled her for awhile. On the way to the hospital we passed Zorba and Doc, dad's friends (maybe someone else was with them too) and they saw that we were near the hospital - so THEY CAME IN TOO! Are you kidding me?! They were out in the hallway waiting for an update and being noisy. By 8 or so, I swear everyone was there. My parents, my grandparents, Chad's parents, Pam, and the 2 or 3 friends. I was pretty...annoyed. It was nice that they were there, but you know how I feel about being in charge, and I was DEFINITELY NOT IN CHARGE. AND, I threw up. I remember that part so distinctly, and I was so mad because that was an expensive lunch!

Finally, Pam (bless her!) kicked everyone out of the room, and Chad sent his friends to Taco Bell so at least they'd be gone for awhile. I'm sure they came back at some point, but I don't remember. The doctor on call wasn't my regular doctor, (annoying) and even worse he was my friend's dad. He was terribly annoying. We couldn't afford an anesthesiologist, so at 11:40pm (?) you were born au natural, and it was fine. SURPRISE, you were a girl! Not Maverick as we had been so sure of. The nurses all commented on your giant head, and you had beautiful curly hair. I remember saying, "That wasn't so bad" and didn't take any of the pain meds they were bringing me.

You were great in the hospital and I fluffed up your hair for your picture, but the nurses slicked it into one of those baby mohawk things and glued a bow to it. Nice. Once we got home from the hospital you turned into a pill...and we love you anyway.

There you have it.
I love you all. Thanks for making the past 20 years so radical.

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  1. Also, I'm pretty sure all the dads gave me a blessing, which was awesome. Milo, Ron, Lynn, and Chad - my fave guys. - Mom