September 9, 2011

JR, Sean Kingston.

I tried to call my mom like six times last night (over a period of about 4 hours) and each time it went straight to her answering machine. So I texted her, and then I texted my I called McKay, no answer. Then I called my dad, no answer. At this point the thought had crossed my mind that my entire family was in some sort of crisis and I was coming to the end of my wits. So I called Carter, my 13-year-old brother who I knew would be asleep (it was 10:30 in Washington) as a last resort. 50 rings later I was getting closer and closer to tears, and Carter picked up. And it turns out everything was fine, my mom's phone was just charging and everyone else was away from their phones and blah blah blah.

Anyway, I ended up talking to my mom and the topic of my blog came up. And both of my parents were pretty disappointed that I haven't blogged in so long (hi, dad), which I completely understand. I hate when people don't blog for like a month. Like, how am I supposed to stalk your life if you don't blog?!?!? Well, I am that person. That person that I hate. Sorry.

And I said, "MOOOOMMMM, I don't have ANYTHING to blog about."

But I guess I kind of do.

I quit my job at Zupas, and I work at BYU Independent Study now and it's reeeeallly fun. I'm actually at work right now..heh heh.

I moved into my new apartment at King Henry and there are SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO maNy cUtE bOiZ (hi, dad). And also I have two new roommates, Baylie and Bella, and I like them both very much. Baylie grew up on a farm and she is supes totes blunt and hilarious, and Bella is from Atlanta and is as southern as the day is long.

School may just kill me this time around. Most of my classes, actually all of them, are pretty easy but I have A LOT to read. A lot. Plus, with work and everything there's just not very much time for me to sit down and read 7 long, boring books about the American Revolution. Hate to break it to you, prof.

The good news is that University of North Carolina has the number one library science program in the United States (they actually are tied with University of Illinois). Helllooooo, graduate school and my life dream of living in North Carolina. WHAMMY KABLAMMY. Oh, PS, I'm going to be a librarian. If you didn't already infer that.

Sammy's is my one true love. SAAAAMMMMMMY'S.

I'm auditioning for Divine Comedy tonight so wish me luck!


  1. I love this post first of all because I DID IS for my senior year of hs and it was the bane of my existence!!! Also, my mom pretty much never answers her phone and it drives me insane because I always think she died or something and I get really scared. And Brandon always tells me I should get my masters in Library Science...dewey decimal system here I come! Not really but they make a lot of money supposedly! And i too wish to one day live in NC...thanks to Nicholas Sparks.

  2. I am so excited for you to be on divine comedy.

  3. Everyone loves a librarian! Especially a hot one. Well if you already didn't know, being a librarian involves reading A LOT, just fyi :)

    And welcome back to the blogging world.