August 4, 2011

Stress dream from hell

I had a really terrifying and stressful dream last night that I was about to get married...literally ABOUT TO and I went into a room with my fiance and I stood across a table from him and I said, "Look...we can't get married. We'd be divorced in 5...maybe ten years? I'm really not very nice to you at all. I'm calling it off." And he said, "Okay."

WOW. And that was towards the end. Up to that point, the entirety of the dream was me stressing out about calling off the wedding. But his parents drove all the way here and his family scrounged up spare change to fly from across the country! I would be letting everyone down!


A while ago I had a series of about 5 dreams where I would get a tattoo and then spend the rest of the dream trying to scrub/scratch/wash it off to no avail. Those dreams were so terrible. I hadn't planned on getting a tattoo but now I know that I MOST DEFINITELY WILL NOT EVER.

So I am hoping that this is not the beginning of a long series of dreams like this one. But to be perfectly honest, that dream made me seriously stop and think about marriage. Sure, it's really fun to look at engagement rings and wedding blogs and fantasize about your wedding but after the wedding you have to be married. To that person. Forever. And forever and for eternity. And in case you haven't noticed, THAT'S A BIG FAT DEAL. (Do you really want your kids to look like that?) (Just kidding. That was a bad joke.)

But I don't need to worry about any of this. Not for 5 years. I gots planz, homie.

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