March 15, 2011

Boyband+The UK+Youtube

Please tell me you died laughing at this and you don't really get it. Don't took me a minute and some Wikipedia to figure it out. Comic Relief 2011. Gotta love them Brits.

And please tell me you love this guy. And also that you said, "What's your name? Hobbie?" Ha. I crack myself up. But really...marry me, Hobbie Stuart. I'll become British for you.

PS The only reason I discovered any of this is because I ran on the treadmill tonight and MTV was on the TV and music videos were playing over and over. It was the run from hell...but the discovery of my new favorite boy band was worth it. And actually, I discover a lot of cool songs that way. Like this one.
And (WARNING: MOSTLY UNRELATED) I really would have loved to see Greyson Chance live in Utah but I will still be in Russia on April 9th. Sad sad Caitlin. So if you have any interest in Cody Simpson or youtube sensation Greyson should go. Gah. Maybe I will drive to Los Angeles in May...or something. I just love Greyson Chance, OKAY? Wait but I really actually might cry. Didn't see that coming.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry, I'll take N'Sync over that boy band any day. Weird. And Hobbie was good, but that song was BO-RING. And doesn't it either bother you or make you laugh that he says "somefin" and "wif"? However, I am glad that you are being entertained by Euro MTV while you run. Anyway, it makes me laugh that in a previous post you asked for people to stop talking about marriage all the time, and yet...

    See you in a month? Will you make it for Jordan's farewell?
    XOXO Mom