March 23, 2011


First things first...Chris Brown is officially crazy. I boycotted him for a while after the Rihanna thing, by which I mean like a year, but then he came out with Yeah 3x and I couldn't resist and now he is friends with JB and they did a song together which I love but then he threw a chair and broke a window and ripped his shirt into shreds at Good Morning America AND I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE.

Today I watched a lotttt of slam poetry on the youtube. Mostly Sarah Kay and one by this black lady who swore a lot but was awesome. I think if all else fails I could probably do spoken word poetry for a living.

Time for a list. 3 things I am going to buy when I get back to America.

1. iPod shuffle. My dinosaur iPod is just not cutting it on the runs. I have to hold it in my hand the whole time and it just gets all sweaty and I feel tempted to change the song.

2. Tangled on DVD. I watched Tangled yesterday and today and I will probably watch it twice tomorrow. And I saw it 3 times in theaters. If you haven't seen it...yeesh. I don't even know. See it as soon as you possibly can because it is perfect! And when Mason watches it occasionally points to Rapunzel and says, "That's Caitlin." Makes my day every time. ALSO I am pretty sure the movie is highly symbolic. But what movie isn't, amIright?

3. HAIR APPOINTMENT. Is anyone going to tell me what to do to my hair? Because I really will walk into the salon and tell them to make me look like Rihanna. Just to warn you.


And to make this post worthwhile, here's some pictures of me in front of some supercool Russian things!

Cathedral of Christ the Savior. SO beautiful inside. Welcome to the ugliest time of the year in slush season.
The Palace of Catherine the Great. My friends Trisha and Janet!
Outside the convent.

Kind of a terrible picture, but this is Moscow State of the most beautiful buildings I have ever laid eyes on! It is AMAZING.

I love you! I will be home in less than a month and I am exciiiiiiiited.

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  1. Caitlin! I love these pictures! I definitely want to go to Moscow one day...maybe not in January to April though..brrr.