March 14, 2011

All aboard the train of thoughts

First thing I'm going to do when I have a bad breakup is listen to Adele's most recent album, 21. And hopefully I will listen to it 100 more times before then, too. It's wonderful.

The only thing better than a root beer float is an orange soda float. I die.

Probably not going to Dubai anymore...did I even mention I was going to go to Dubai next week? Anyway. Surprisingly, I feel fine.

I watched this TED talk called "The Birth of a Word" and it was so fascinating. You should watch it. BE A SMART HUMAN.

I am slowly but surely remembering all the books I read last summer. I'll be like "Yeah, I readGone With the Wind last summer. I love it so much! Oh, and I read East of Eden. And have you ever read The Poisonwood Bible? What about The Picture of Dorian Gray? That's like my favorite." Hot damn, I read a lot of books. And good ones, too. That's not even all of them.

Sorry to freak you out, parents and Gran. But can everyone please stop blogging/facebooking/talking about getting/being married? Or maybe...everyone stop getting married! You are driving my brain to insanity! ALL I WANT IS ONE DAY WHERE I NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT A WEDDING OR GETTING MARRIED. I plz can haz? Thanks, brain. Thanks, world.

I drew a little family in my journal the other day and named the children and it was a horrible trainwreck. They were perfect until I gave them names. For example, Dieter MacInnis. Great names that I will probably use, terribly tacky German/Scottish combination. Also, how do you think I should spell GREYSHA? I just can't think of a good spelling. All the spellings suck. Gracia, Grecia, Greisha, Graysha, Greysha, Greicia, Gresha, Graisha, Gray-shuh.

My hair is in a terrible condition. I mean, just...really bad. It's not a real color. It's the color of nothingness. The second thing I am going to do once I get back to America is go get my hair done. But how? My automatic instinct is to do the blondie-blonde Sweet Valley High highlights that I always do. Mom said on skype, "Your hair is getting really dark...maybe you should stay dark." And I say BLEH I LOOK LIKE A GHOST THAT JUST AIN'T ME, MA! But Mom is a genius and maybe she is right. So. The other other option is Rihanna. Totally still an option. Ombre? How do you say that? Ohhhhhmbre? Ahhhhmbre? OHMBER? But let's be real. I hit my hair peak circa May 2009. Best highlights I have ever had, best bangs I have ever had...I had that ish down to a science.

Am I close to London? Could I take a train? Justin Bieber is there...

March madness is easily my favorite holiday season. I need to do some research before I fill out my bracket tomorrow. If I could get a perfect bracket, like 100% correct, my life would seriously be made. And people would probably give me millions of dollars while other people would accuse me of being a fraud. Such is life when you are famous.

Some people will never understand why Richland, Washington is the greatest town on the planet. And I will never understand some people.

And PS everyone I know knows everyone else I know and I basically know everyone at BYU through other people by like 5 degrees or something. I have come to this conclusion through excessive facebook stalking. It's fine.

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  1. Not guilty about pressure on the marriage thing....don't think even once! I know better! OH, dear....I hope this was not spoken in haste as a senior moment and I DID say something once! Hopefully, not! Pressuring has never made it so!