February 25, 2011

Ryan, I love you.

Have you ever known someone to be better at their job than Ryan Seacrest?
I haven't.
Watching him host American Idol is like watching Kobe play ball.
I'm not being facetious.

Have you been watching American Idol? I very very highly recommend watching it because this season is seriously off the chain. Talent. Overload. I look forward to watching it every Thursday and Friday morning on DVR. We have a huge blast.

If you haven't been watching, it is not too late. In fact, the season has just begun. This week they chose the top 24 contestants, and although some people I really loved didn't make it this far, I have my favorites. Here we go.

Casey Abrams. Amazing. I would buy his album 100 times. #1 favorite, and the best musician in the competition. SOoOoOoO JaZzY AnD ArTsYfArTsY I LoVe.

Paul McDonald. Sexy. I want him to marry V...he's just her type. Oh na na na na.

Thia Megia. Beautiful, wonderfully unique, and only 16 years old! Girl's got PYPEZ.

Robbie Rosen. Nom nom nom gimme dat nose.

I used to really love Lauren Alaina but she gets more annoying by the second so we'll see if I like her once the live stuff starts. Jacob Lusk is obviously amazing but I would't buy his album. What would his album even be like? I have no idea. He's crazy.

PS The new judges are awesome and PPS this guy is Casey Garland's doppelganger.
And I bet you my mom predicted all of my favorites!!


  1. Ok so I would totally marry Paul!! You're right as soon as I saw him I knew we were meant to be together. Haha. I love love love Casey Abrams but I read that he was admitted in the hospital for severe stomach pains and that if he is not able to be on the show then he is automatically eliminated!! So let's hope he gets better....but you forgot Scotty!!! He's amazing and my favorite!!! I love his deep deep country voice and so nice. Agh I miss you and wish we could watch it together!

  2. You're right! I did predict all those as your favorites. I liked Lauren for her first audition, but as soon as she got to Hollywood and started her shameless Steven Tyler flirting, I was so over her. Casey Abrams is by far my favorite. And I do like Scotty. What a great kid. And My least favorites: Jordan, the music teacher. So full of himself. And Clint Jun Gamboa. They both are mean. II was sad about a few they sent away, but it should be a great season! Glad you get to watch it! XOXO Mom

  3. I have watched every season, and I thought this was going to be the worst since SImon left, but I am actually loving it. I am loving jLo and Steven and the contestants are amazing. Casey really is freaking amazing, and cant wait to see what else he does!