February 27, 2011

Curiousity killed the cat!

If you ever wanted to know many many things about me, you just have to look at this picture.

1) My bed is cloud 9. Just look at that memory foam memorizing muh boday. Dericious.
2) The sheets are coming off my bed because to be perfectly honest I haven't washed them since I got to school. Abby, I'm sorry if you've been sleeping in my bed without knowing this fact. Although I'm pretty sure you know this fact.
3) Justin Bieber poster. Justin Bieber calendar. My boyfriend...'nuff said.
4) The handmade valentine from sister hanging between said poster and calendar, and the ant drawing by Quinn on my desk. I love my brothers and sister and they show their love for me through handicrafts. And I hang them up.
5) Post-its everywhere.
6) Tangled poster that Charzie gave me for Christmas. Nobody is cutting my hair while I'm in Russia so I'm pretty sure that when I come back my hair will be roughly 70 feet long and have magical healing powers.
7) Cluttered desk, including Christmas presents that I never gave to Emily and Rebekah, which I meant to mail before I left and didn't. Best friend fail..BFF.
8) I like to keep little snackies on my desk and eat them in the middle of the night instead of wearing my retainer. On the bright side, I wear my retainer nearly every night now and my teeth look faboo. I LOVE CORN NUTS.
9) Books.
10) Abby makes me laugh and likes to take ridiculous pictures of me.
11) I like to wear that Jordan shirt to bed and also to in-n-out and also to school.

See if you can find the Buddha!


  1. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST EVER. And I don't care about your sheets.

  2. Please just wash the sheets...PLEASE. - Mom

  3. I don't like washing my sheets either! Ha!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!