February 21, 2011

I'll buy you anything, I'll buy you any ring

Here's the thing about running (and mostly anything) that I learned from my dad when he would slave-drive me and McKay up the Y switchbacks when we were children. It's all in your mind. I could go outside right now and my body could run for 13 miles. But my mind would tell me that I couldn't do it and I would probably definitely give up.

So sometimes when I run I say things to my mind like:
1) If you finish this mile you can watch Glee when you get home.
2) If you finish this mile you can have chocolate milk when you get home.
3) If you finish this mile JUSTIN BIEBER WILL MARRY YOU.

And it doesn't matter which one I choose...I always finish. If you thought I was a normal person, you thought wrong.

Don't worry, a post is coming about my romp in Moscow. I just have to build up the stamina to do it because I have stories to tell. Here's a picture.

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