February 22, 2011

29. Assssspirations!

I would really love to learn Russian but I can tell you right now that that's probably not going to happen. So I'd like to perfect my Spanish.
Read lots of good books. Maybe read the Harry Potter books...?
Learn how to paint and also ceramics.
Bake and bake and bake until the day I die.
Try lots of new things.
Go on a mission.
Open a bakery with my Mama!
Marry a huge hunk named Jimmer...Fredette.......
Live in a house built by my grandpa with Abby and Boo as my next door neighbors.
Fill the house with the gospel, children, dogs, food, books, love, music, fabulous leopard print decor, and Christmas.
Oh, and one more thing. Get 5 stars on every song on Just Dance 2 except Monster Mash. I will never play that song.

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