February 15, 2011

Communication Disorders

Well, a big apology to all those who are only following my blog to hear about "Russian" "adventures." You're going to have to deal with my usual ramblings until something fun happens. Maybe that's not what you bargained for but...you might as well enjoy it!

The thing where I take a picture every day is going downhill. I got sick of taking pictures of the snow, and there's really nothing else to take pictures of besides me in my PJs, RM&H (the children), or me running on a treadmill. So...yeah. Maybe now you have an idea of how things are going..? Don't get me wrong. I am happy. Just bored right now. And it's not anyone's fault.

One thing I have learned here so far though, I think one of the most important things I will ever learn, is that some people have very very hard lives. I wish I could explain to you the love that filled my heart this Sunday as I met people at church. It's one thing to watch a documentary or read a book about someone who has had a hard life, and it is quite another to meet someone who does, and to learn from them, and to wish you were more like them. I take so many things for granted and I'm pretty sure I will spend my whole life just trying to be truly grateful.

Take this into consideration, y'all. Try to do it. It will make you happy.

True disciples of Jesus Christ seek to follow His example in the ways they communicate. Their communications, both verbal and nonverbal, are to be kind, compassionate, and helpful, reflecting a love for Heavenly Father's children and an understanding that all people are brothers and sisters.
-from lds.org, the topic heading for "Communication"

Time for me to go to bed. My sleeping habits are still funky. I love you.

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