January 30, 2011

Did you think I just randomly renamed my blog?

Well, I guess I have been a little too vague on the "I'M GOING TO RUSSIA ON WEDNESDAY" front. Either that or people don't read my blog or my twitter...definite possibility.

This is my cousin Travis. He is a professional basketball player. He played at UVU and BYU, then in the NBA, and now plays in Europe, and has played for various teams in Spain and Russia. Look him up on Wikipedia if you want to know his height and weight.

This is Travis' wife, LaRee, and their three kids. The reason they are in a courtroom is because baby girl is adopted, and this picture was taken in December when the adoption was finalized. After living by BYU for a while after an injury last season, Travis signed with a team in Moscow called BC Khimky. I had been babysitting for them since I came back to school in the fall and they asked me to go live with them to Russia for a few months this year. And I said yes.

So on Wednesday I'll be leaving for Moscow with LaRee and the three kids (Travis has been in Russia for a little over a month now), and I'll be back in the US at the end of April to start spring term at BYU.

So I'm very excited aaaaand I hate this post because I feel like I've said these things a billion times but apparently some people still don't know why I'm going to Russia!!

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