January 29, 2011

18. Your favorite birthday.

To be perfectly honest, birthdays 15-18 mostly sucked. Can you imagine four sucky birthdays in a row? No. You can't.

But when I look at pictures from my Sweet 16 and really think about it, that was probably one of my favorite birthdays for a few reasons.

-Sweet 16. Such a magical birthday.
-My first birthday in Richland.
-The invitations were awesome. I literally invited everyone I knew.
-Boo was there visiting.
-At this point, my dad was still living in Chicago and working while the rest of us were living in Richland, and my dad flew out for my birthday.
-I looked awesome.
-My friends that were at my party were the most awesome friends ever.
-I sang "Drop It Like It's Hot" karaoke...
-I had three cakes over the birthday weekend.

My Birthday Party

My favorite picture of myself that happened like that night or something. Britton hoodied me.
Family Party with Quinn. His birthday is the day after mine. Cute.
Sunday dinner at the Larsens'.

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