December 7, 2010

I'll drink to that

At about 2PM today I was convinced that the highlight of my day was going to be that a hot Asian knocked me over and then helped me regain my balance and said a few words to me.

That's because I had seriously one of the worst mornings. You know when you wake up late and then your entire morning goes to hell in a handbasket and everyone on campus sees you running around crying on the phone to your mom? Yeah. Today was that day.

So anyway, I think I'm going to be living in Russia for a few months next semester sooo that's gon' be off-the-chain.

Aaaand I got a letter from Britton and he rolled his ankle playing basketball and it might be broken so he has been sitting around a lot and so it was pretty long and I was very pleased. So I made a little recording to send to him for Christmas. And guess what...talking is SO much less time-consuming than writing letters like I usually do. And very fun. Except at one point I made like a weird sound and when I listened to it back it sounded like a that's not misleading...?

Last week of class and then finals...and I'm not really stressed at all. He he he he he. FIGHT THE POWER. And today I saw one of my FAVORITE lacrosse players on campus.


Oh, and here's a profound thought for the week. "Don't let the bahstahds getchu down." That's from Rihanna. If I could make that my life motto...that would be great.

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