November 9, 2010

Sukas and Such

1. My self-defense class has become a waste of time. I've learned basically everything I need to know, and now they're just dragging it out so it takes up a semester. Twist and fling, baby. Twist and fling.

2. A couple nights ago I made the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I didn't have one until breakfast the next morning (typical Stanfield fashion) and I was astounded. I was even a little mad that the people who were eating them last night weren't 100 times more complimentary. I used to think that there wasn't much to just follow a recipe. But, I think that even if someone else followed the exact same recipe I did for those cookies, they probably wouldn't be as good. Nyeh heh heh. I wish I could take a picture of them like a proper blogger but I don't have a camera...?

3. It is WAY too cold. I keep having to wear my Roxy coat I got in like the seventh grade because I left my cute peacoat at home. My mom keeps trying to get me to get rid of the Roxy coat but I just won't...even though it is denim and lumberjack-ish and ridiculous.

4. I'm on a Weezer kick. I think they're really awesome. I will sing Weezer to my babies. Mostly...this one.

5. 16 & much to say about this show. To quote Kenz, "The girls on this show are all the same type of, the pink and black." SO TRUE. The pink and black girls. But I always have mixed emotions when I watch it because I want them to be happy and whatever but the dad usually sucks. So. I would like to do a study based solely on episodes of 16 & Preg. Also, what is the difference between this show and Teen Mom? One they're pregnant and one the baby is born? I guess. I don't know.

6. I'm not going to Las Vegas anymore...blah blah blah school sucks!

7. I WANT NAMES. Has anyone ever said, "People are pretty pissed at you" or "From what I've heard from people" to you? I would just like to relay to you something John Mayer said. "Until you get someone in your face telling you that you suck, you don't suck." So...that's what I mean. Don't tell me that "people" have said this and this and this about me. I want names, suka. (That's soooookah, not suhkah. It's Russian.)

8. I haven't picked at/peeled/bitten my nails in a really long time and they are so pretty and not bleeding! Yay, me.

9. It doesn't snow in Peru......?

10. I want it to be summer again so I can read books that aren't Tocqueville or PHYSICAL SCIENCE TEXTBOOK. Not that I read the latter, really.

11. "When everybody is somebody, nobody is anybody."

12. I haven't watched Glee in weeks, and I don't really care to. Is that bad?

13. This post sucks. You don't!

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