November 15, 2010

"Lalalalalala, Life is wonderful."

All I want to do. Is travel around the United States and go to ALL the major art museums. Actually not even just all the major...all of them...all.

I've never considered myself to be museum bourgeois or like super hoity toity or anything, but the more I learn about these works of art and the people who created them, the more unsatisfied I become with just looking at photographs in my textbook.

My most recent obsession? Abbott Handerson Thayer. He sought to create an ideal American woman in his paintings. My favorite is The Virgin.

The Virgin

First stop in my grand tour: Boston. Museum of Fine Arts. Anybody want to come with?

Also- I wouldn't wish a cold sore on my WORST enemy. So terrible.
And one more thing- I didn't say thank you to the boy who just came into this study room to take out the garbage because I was too distracted. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

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