October 9, 2010

Makes me happy.

the best trip.

easily one of my fave pics of boo^^

double rainbows. grooveshark. chips ahoy. toothpaste. mexican catholic art/virgen guadalupe. country music. neutrogena moistureshine gloss. parades. thunder storms. television shows. happy children. dreams-when you're sleeping and when you're not. high school football. pumpkin seeds. family. open windows. huge cups. surprises. baking. pizza. when your favorite song comes on the radio. general conference. bows and ribbons. cereal and milk. laundry detergent. dish detergent. warm laundry. candles. animals. wedding shows on tlc. my new boots. skype. the outer banks x1 million. lacrosse. football. hockey. sports. my apartment. my roommates. freudian slips. saying what you mean, meaning what you say. john mayer. the columbia river. puppies. abbreviations/code words. the fact that my skin is softer than anyone else's.

PS Dream life: Where the Green Grass Grows, Tim McGraw

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