September 12, 2010

I love Sundays.

Today I...
Was very, very late to church. We got booted out of the Marriott Center along with thousands of our closest friends, and had to watch church in the HFAC. *Please note that we could have given up and gone home several times...but we made it!!*

Ran into Joe Barton. Long time, no see!

Ate fruit snacks, and fruit roll-ups, and crackers. (Everyone knows you have to come prepared to stake/regional conferences. Two hours is a long time.)

Laughed at President Packer's rambling and funny stories. A great talk, nevertheless.

Waved to Elder Holland.

Was mystified by some zoobie freak in the parking lot where we parked for conference. Since it was taking forever for people to get out of there, Charzie, Abby, and I sat in the shade and waited. This guy was in his beater car, alone, with the windows down, blasting the radio. The high point of his stupidosity was when he was blasting Billie Jean and singing along horribly. And dancing. you see anyone else behaving that way? STOP.

Made Quinoa for lunch.

I will proceed to...
Write letters to my leetle missionaries. Philly, Steve, and Barky in particular.

Eat ice cream.

NOT watch the VMA's.

Do some

ALSO. Happy 38th Birthday to my Daddy. What do I even say. He's the best, ever. Look how cute. I love you, Dad!

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