July 29, 2010

You belong with me belongs with you belong with me.

First of all, I am a noticer. Not only do I have a great memory (Seriously, I remember everything) ...(Except sometimes really important things that I need to do) ...(Like change my voter address...) (Or call people back...) ANYWAY. Like, for example, today I saw this kid driving out of walgreen's around..9:45. I saw the same person in the same car wearing the same beanie while I was on my way from the pool to Preston's house which was at like 5. Mind you, this is like the 25th time something like this has happened this week. I can recognize people's cars by the letters on their license plate or bumper stickers or whatever...not weird you say? Okay. People I don't really know.

These noticings make me happy. Like today when I saw the boy in the purple truck who chose to wear a beanie today in 100 degree weather, I wanted to scream at him and say "OMG HEY! I SAW YOU! THIS MORNING!" Like we were old friends or something...which would be so creepy. Thus, the problem I have encountered over time...which is nobody else remembers things like I do. Or at least, most people don't. Which leaves me feeling creepy and unsatisfied. So I guess I just lock these little moments away in a safe place and smile about them.

Today in the car, I was listening to Fearless by Taylor Swift and You Belong With Me came on. One of the greatest songs to sing along to ever. Even if there's a little boy sleeping next to you in the front seat. So what I was thinking...is that whenever you put yourself in TSwift's shoes in this song, you think of someone right? Some boy. And you take their stupid girlfriend, and even though she may not be a cheerleader or whatever, you personify her as the beeyotch from this song. And you're the band nerd/best friend/next door neighbor, even if you're not. Right, okay. So you've put yourself, and the boy, and the stinky girlfriend into these characters and you're singing at the top of your lungs and kinda laughing but kinda begging this guy to just realize "You belong with me-e-e, you belong with me." You understand...I swear there's a point, just hold on.

So today, as I was singing, I was thinking. Have I ever been the girlfriend? I mean, was my boy ever the boy that another girl was singing about? So even though right now I'm the nerd, and so-and-so (It changes every time...) is the boy, and his girlfriend is the bitty, SOMETIMES, when someone ELSE sings it in their car, I'M the girlfriend, and my boy is the boy, and she (or he?...uh.) is the nerd. SOSOSOWEIRD. And then as I thought about my past boy...(I mean obviously nobody's singing about me now.) And there have most definitely been one or two or five girls to sing this song. About my boy. Where I'm the TSwift with brown hair and a convertible.


PS Cat Deeley has the best job ever, I want that job. SYTYCD- I like Lauren and Billy. I don't like Kent, so shush.

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  1. So you think you are the slutty version of Tay? NAHHHHH. Don't believe it. ;) ha.

    Love, Makay