June 28, 2010

Well I've been on the verge of tears pretty much all day.

First of all, things aren't working out as I expected as far as my job is concerned. Lots of little things and one big thing adding up to tons of frustration.

Second of all, I watched the movie 16 Wishes--a Disney Channel original movie. It made me so emotional...And I absolutely can't STAND movies where the girl protagonist has a best guy friend who is totally cute, and super considerate, etc...and you know, the guy friend has just been obsessed with the protagonist forever and now that they're older he wants to be more than friends but the protagonist is usually busy gawking over a stupid boy who doesn't even know she exists! Examples: Every DC original movie. Most chick flicks. Okay, I don't mean that I can't stand them...I love them, it's just that they're so torturous! You just want to talk some sense into the girl and tell her that ETHAN KRAFT IS NOT SO GREAT!

Third, I'm getting pretty far into Gone With the Wind, and the Civil War sucked. It makes me sad. Really sad. And the worst part is that I know the book doesn't have a happy ending. No light at the end of this thousand page tunnel. I really love the book though.

SO, point is...Nothing like the glorious combination of real-life problems, not-so-real-life movie problems, and half-real-life historical fiction problems to make you feel hysterical!

I'm sorry, but if this boy was trying to hold your hand on your 16th birthday after giving you the most perfect BFF necklace ever, wouldn't you oblige? I would. And I would definitely not be all gaga over some femmy popstar and a hollow-headed quarterback.

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  1. I watched that movie today... I mean the whole movie you knew the little brat abby was gonna end up with the perfect guy who she sooooo didn't deserve after treating him like garbage! UGH. haha.

    He is totally cute.

    and Gone with the Wind is amazing. The book and the movie. I heart it. :)