June 30, 2010

Just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad song...

Things I currently love. Most are newfound.

1. Going on walks with my dog in the desert and letting her off the leash. She is the cutest dog ever and she chases after jackrabbits and stuff...like she goes along the side of the trail in all the sagebrush, tumbleweeds, bushes, etc. and every once in a while I catch a glimpse of white bounding across the hills. ADOR. Plus, exercise for me. And moo. Unfortunately though, I ran into everyone I knew on the way home from the trail. So they saw me in all my sweaty, dusty, drooly, yoga capris glory. Cuuuuute.

2. Zac Efron. I know, I know...I should have jumped on that bandwagon back in 1999 when HSM came out..I didn't. I thought he was Zac and Cody's older brother and that his mouth was like a muppet's. By now, I think he's one of the hottest things ever. 17 Again? Yes. Charlie St. Cloud? Bring it. Already read the book, suckas.

3. Silly Bandz. Oh, you've never heard of SB? Get some...seriously. Sometimes when I am sad I cuddle with my Silly Bandz. If you go to the website, read the letters. Especially number 6. PS-People suck.

4. Coconut Cupcakes. My mom made some two nights ago. I made the frosting. They are amazing. See also: Sweet Mandy B's Strawberry Cupcake. Ron Bennington Cupcake (below) from Molly's Cupcakes.

5. Gone With the Wind. You know this. Can you blame me for being so obsessed with it, though? It's already consumed hours of my life, and there's really no end in sight. Well I'm a little over halfway..nevertheless. GWTW is easily one of the greatest books ever and you should read it. I'm totally asking for it for Christmas or my birthday or something. (I would say I'm going to buy it as soon as I finish, because I totally would, except I really don't think I'm going to be buying anything in the near future. Or the distant future.) I have two or four other books waiting for me once I finish so that's motivation enough, I think. Oh, and I'm going to watch the movie once I finish. Okay sooo read this book.

6.Pretty Little Liars. It's a stupid, STUPID show, and lame in the way only ABC Family knows how to do. But, unlike my experience with Secret Life, I'm willing to look past the horrible script, acting, etc etc and enjoy it for what it is--a trashy soap opera with a creepy twist.

7. Every Rose Has Its Thorn-Miley Cyrus. This is not a typo. I love the song, and I love M-dawg's cover. I think my mom almost vomited when I made her listen to it. And she went on a huge rant about how she "cannot think of any other cover that she hated more." Whatevs, Ma. I don't really like the rest of her CD though...but like I'm her biggest fan? Don't know how that works out...she must have REALLY blown it. I couldn't resist the picture...

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  1. I love your blog! haha. And I watched 17 again yesterday it was on HBO. SOOOOO goooood. I love it. haha. Yes he is quite the "hot" thing. ha.

    Those cupcakes look so delicious. MMMMMM.