December 12, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

I am in the library. In a study room. With my friends. It is fun.

I am going to totally ACE my music test on Tuesday. I took the greatest notes ever!

I am going to say a little something about the phrase "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone." IT'S ABOUT BEING TAN. I look at pictures from the summer or even the beginning of the semester and cry cry cry because I am so pale now! And while I was tan I just wanted to be tanner and I didn't even realize how tan I was! ...Dangit.

Oh well, I'm going to MEXICO IN ONE WEEK so that should take care of the problem. Man, I can't wait :) I am so excited to see the Blakes and the Remys and just be with my family on the BEACH again! The last time we went to a real beach all together was BEFORE we moved to Richland...I can't believe my mom has gone that long...OH WAIT, SHE HASN'T. Cough cough, HAWAII, cough cough.


Finals are going pretty dang well so far, If I do say so myself.

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