October 1, 2012

Scenes from the weekend (no pictures)

I think I am just a hoot because I am calling this post scenes from the weekend but there are no scenes. I need to make myself take more pictures or my children are going to hate me.

On Friday night CJ and I had so much fun! When we were deciding where to go to dinner CJ said he wanted to go somewhere a little nicer. We decided on P.F. Chang's and it was a great decision. I haven't been in a while because the P.F. Chang's in Tri-Cities is TERR.I.BLE. Let me tell you. Just disgusting. I wonder if they have changed their ways but I seriously doubt it and I don't want to risk going back. We shared the Orange Chicken and Crispy Honey Shrimp. In the past I have avoided shrimp even though I love it because it makes me sick. BUT the past two times I have had it I have felt just fine! So that's great. I love food.

Then we went to Sports Authority so CJ could get some new sweats!!!!! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT. We ran into Skyler and Kara in the mall and got to chat with them for a while so that was fun. After we left we headed up the canyon to Sundance Resort to ride the ski lift! During the fall you can ride the ski lift at night when there's a full moon! Funny story...I had planned to take CJ about a month ago the last time there was a full moon. I told him we were going on a surprise date and talked it up a lot and then it rained and stormed the night we were supposed to go. I was so disappointed! But we went to Color Me Mine instead and it was great so whatever. But anyway, basically every time CJ and I plan to do something outdoors it rains. So we got really lucky on Friday night because the weather was perfect. The lift was a little bit scary at first but it was so beautiful and peaceful in the canyon at night. It was wonderful to just sit and talk and enjoy each other's company. (CHEESIN')

Saturday...oy vey/madre mía/etc. I woke up at like seven in the morning, went to Weight Watchers, got some McD's for breakfast (IRONY LOL) and then went STRAIGHT to the library with my diet coke in hand. I was there from 9-4!!!! As much as I hated it it felt so good to get my work done and know that I wouldn't have to do any homework the next day. This semester I have been trying to avoid doing homework on Sunday and it has gone really well so far. I love having Sundays to just relax, go to church, bake, and spend time with friends and family. Sundays really are one of my favorite days of the week. ANYWAY. After I got back from the library, CJ picked me up and we headed to McKay's lacrosse scrimmage. My cousin Kelci who I haven't seen in forever was there and Alyssa was there, too. I could honestly watch lacrosse all day I think it is so entertaining. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, but I always have fun with CJ. Took a trip to the grocery store to get the ingredients for Sunday dinner. We went to In-N-Out (healthy choices happening all da time) and it was dericious. Then we watched Heavyweights (how appropriate) and just ended up falling asleep.

Sundayz r da best dayz. Went to CJ's ward because my ward is at 1:30 and CJ's is at 11...so pretty easy decision there. I wake up at like the crack of dawn on Sundays and it's just really hard to wait around for church to start. After church I made enchiladas that were pretty good and  lemon cookies that were the bomb and we took them to Brian and Shannon's. It's so much fun to hang out with them and we all get along really well...and Shannon loves to play charades so it's like a match made in heaven!

I love the weekends. And this weekend will be ESPECIALLY FUN because it's going to be MYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!! THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

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