August 15, 2012


So I had a perfect time in California if you guys were wondering.

Lunch at BJ's...all the food I had was SO good.

CJ took me to Sprinkles. What a hunk.

Brian and Shannon (CJ's sister)! We hung out with them a lot and they are so fun.

San Diego!

Hotel del Coronado. I seriously LOVE the beach.

If you squint  you can see the Hollywood sign.

Rodeo Drive. We went to Tiffany's...OBVI.

We bought a star map and stalked hilarious.

Chiche in front of the Playboy Mansion. Hehehe!
I guess I realized that like...if you could live in Southern California why would you want to live anywhere else? I mean, really. You can come visit me when I live in Newport for da rest of my life. BYE.

Also, this. LOL.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time! I'm from San Diego, and live in Santa Barbara now. We would always go to the Hotel Del during the Christmas time, it's so beautiful! As are ALL of your pictures!!

  2. Super cute! (You, Boyfriend, and pics I mean.)