January 5, 2012

Texas Forever

So after a lovely Christmas at home, a road trip with the fam to my cousin's wedding, and one of the best weekends of my life in Dallas, I am back in beautiful Utah not quite ready to start a new semester.

Any goal I set prior to ringing in 2012 has been pretty much a bust. Which is my fault for not writing them down or being serious about them or whatever. I think resolutions are kind of bogus anyways...sorry. I like to set goals on my own time line.

The thing I like most about New Year's is looking back on the year and thinking about all the things I did/didn't do and realizing that life pretty much never turns out the way you planned, for better or worse. (Usually it's better, you just might not realize it right away.) And even though I don't like resolutions I do like the excitement a new year brings. You're all like, "OMG WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN THIS YEAR?!?!?" and stuff.

But mostly I just want to write about Texas.

Highlights from the wedding of Kara Neaves and Skyler Thiot.

-Waking up at 3AM to curl my hair before my 6AM flight.
-Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One.
-Texas weather at the end of December=perfectly sunny and in the 70's.
-Seeing Kara before she left the house to go get married!
-Bridesmaiding/Bridal Party.
-Seeing Kara and Skyler right after they were wed. So much love.
-Lots of Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, and Dr.Pepper.
-Running on 4 hours of sleep for a really busy day. I was out of control by the end of the night...just acting like a loon.
-Just the food in general. The entire time.
-If I'm being completely honest, being photographed was definitely one of my favorite parts.
-Meeting the families and friends of K&S. Such wonderful people.
-Reception. Everything about it. Location, decorations, dancing, food, CAKE, favors, flowers. Pure goodness.
-Using my bouquet as a microphone.
-How awesome Kara and Skyler are. They could very well have kept to themselves but they hung out with us during the weekend! They are so sweet.
-Dallas World Aquarium. Coolest aquarium ever.
-Being in such a diverse city FOR ONCE. (Provo, Richland, not so super much.)
-Dancing while sitting. In a car, while eating, any time really. AKA seat dancing.
-Hanging out with K&S at their hotel for a bit on New Year's Eve.
-Dallas quadruple quintuple double triple huge YSA dance. Didn't really know anyone there, didn't mind making a fool of myself and shamelessly giving boys the eyes.
-Then I was cursed by God for being so saucy and I ended up sick in the bathroom at the stroke of midnight. Missed the whole countdown confetti kit and caboodle. Hence, no New Year's kiss for me. For the billionth time. WOE IS ME.
-Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Making new friends, trying new things, a new year, and a beautiful pair of newlyweds.

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