January 20, 2012

Benny and the Jetsssssssss

So I just looked at my followers because they went up by like a bunch, and I realized that it was just a lot of really creepy weird fake porn bots or something. Okay...now that that's taken care of.

The new semester is going pretty well. I dropped a class 30 minutes before the add/drop deadline and immediately started freaking out but ultimately I am glad I did it. With work and everything else I just needed to drop a class.

This post is already really boring.

Anyway. I have been sick since Tuesday...I hadn't really eaten anything like that entire time and then tonight I decided to go to Jimmy John's because that's the only thing I felt like eating...mistake. I snarfed the whole thing down and my body hates me for it. Oh, well.

This was easily one of the weirdest stupidest days of my life. I have to admit that I have had profanities on the tip of my tongue all day and I only cracked once or twice. Then I went to Sonic with Trevor and we heard Benny and the Jets on the way home and that just really lightened my mood.

And yesterday I was thinking that my dream is to have some cute guy that I don't know come up to me in the library and say "Hey, let's get out of here. Whaddya say?" In like the most James Deany way possible and then we drive to California and escape the non-snow cold. And fall in love, obviously. I know it sounds like a homicide waiting to happen, but I know it would be really great.

When people ask me if there's anything they can do for me I honestly don't know how to reply. Like...yeah, you could clean the kitchen and take out the garbage but I don't think that's really what you were going for when you asked. Or you could back me up when I go punch so-and-so in the face. Your choice.

I just finished a wonderful book for my Sociology class today. It's called The Hidden Wound by Wendell Berry. It's about racism and there are a few other themes as well. One part I particularly enjoyed was toward the end. Berry writes,

"...No matter what laws or governments say, men can only know and come to care for one another by meeting face to face, arduously, and by the willing loss of comfort. I believe that the experience of all honest men stands, like these books (referring to Huck Finn and War and Peace), against the political fantasy that deep human problems can be satisfactorily solved by legislation. On the contrary, it is likely that the best and least oppressive laws come as the result or the reflection of honest solutions that men have already made in their own lives. The widespread assumption that men can be set free or dignified or improved by monkeying with some mere aspect or manifestation of their lives-politics or economics or technology-promises no solution, but only an unlimited growth of the public apparatus."

I like that.

I know you're sooooo sick of this song but I still like it so you're gonna have to DEAL.

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