July 20, 2011

This might sound like Beyonce calling Shakira black, but...

So for roughly the past...2? ish? hours, Abby and I have been joyriding around P-town in her brother's car up to no good. Here are some things we sawr.

The fun started when we decided to shout "HEEEEYYYYYY" out the window at people we saw.

Then these two boys pulled up next to us at a stoplight, motioned for me to roll down the window, etc etc etc..we drove away.

Then I tried to call BYU info but somehow ended up on the Girls Gone Wild hotline which...is only one digit off from the number for BYU info. Huh. When we finally reached BYU info, they were closed. We just wanted to know the address of our friend!

We found Caleb's scooter and tried to steal it but instead we just left him notes in his cupholder. Trying to be stealth with the windows down....is hard.

Then we drove around forever and ever and drove by Brandon Davies' house.

Then I made some comment about how our night had already reached its climax but right at that moment we saw a couple tumbling around in the grass and Abby said, not loud enough for them to hear, "FOUR ON THE FLOOR!"

Then we thought this guy was serenading this girl because you know she was sitting in her bedroom window and looking down at this guy and he was like standing there on her lawn and so we went and flipped a Uwey...U-ey? and Abby just looks right at the guy and says "SING!" and it was basically a staredown for like a whole minute until we drove away. I don't think he had any idea what we were getting at.

Then we suspected that this running parked car in a BYU lot next to campus was people making out and we were right. Unabashed. Shameless. Drivers seat leaned back all the way type of thing. So we honked a million times in morse code saying, "REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE."

The reason we were in the parking lot was to turn around because we saw a young man doing kung fu in an underground parking garage so we went back to watch him. And I said, "Hey, are you doing Kung Fu?" And he said, "Yeah. Sorry, I thought you guys were trying to park in here." "Nope, we just wanted to watch you!" "Okay!" Then he did a whole routine and I was trying really hard not to laugh and Abby and I were muttering and giggling under our breath. He is the dragon warrior.

And then we drove by the hot and heavy couple once more. Just for good measure.

And that was all. I think.

Then I came home, put my hair in a bun but left one piece out on purpose, set up my bed on the couch, and ate a fun size Take 5.

And now, I am ready to sleep.

Goodnight, beautiful world.

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  1. Bull. I am the Dragon Warrior. I have the Scroll to prove it.

    Also, print out your thoughts on marriage from the post after this one and hand it out to the types of people you saw. That'll get 'em in a four on the floor mood real quick like.