June 25, 2011

What can I get here that has no sugar, no carbs, and is fat free?

Tonight, my job at work was LOBBY.
Which basically means I bus all the tables and wipe them off and sweep the floor. Straight up Cinderella Story H-Duff in the hizzhouse.

So you know how when you go to McDonald's or wherever, the have the garbage cans inside these like things with the swinging door that says TRASH or THANK YOU or something like that? Okay. Same concept. My garbage can is inside this metal cupboard thing but instead of the swinging door, there is just a small hole on the top for me to dump people's garbage in and put their dishes in the dish bin. BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BUS YOUR OWN TABLE. I WILL BUS YOUR TABLE.

The point of this story is that the garbage got full so I took it in the back to empty it into a bigger garbage can and I come back out two seconds later and this woman is DUMPING the contents of her trays PLURAL into the hole in the top of the metal cupboard that the garbage can goes in. THERE IS NO GARBAGE CAN IN THE CUPBOARD. So after she walked away, I crawled inside the cupboard and cleaned up all of her crap that she basically dumped on the floor. DAMMIT, IIIIII WILL BUS YOUR TABLE DO NOT TRY TO HELP ME DO NOT MOVE YOUR TRAY JUST LEAVE ALL YOUR CRAP ON YOUR FREEEEAKING TABLE AND IIIIII WILL CLEAN IT UP.

The bright side is that I made $7 in tips tonight.
And I went on a date this week and it was fun.
And on the way home from work tonight I got this sundae that I get from Sonic which is a hot fudge sundae without ice cream. So basically hot fudge, whip cream, and oreos. And a cherry which is always disgusting.
And I miss Britton.
The End.

And PS
I want to scream at people when they tell me I can't do something/shouldn't try.

And PPS this song has been EXTREMELY heart-wrenching lately. Don't know why.


  1. uhh water.

    i'll have a vos please. what's that? It's water. From Sweden. Uh...we only have water from the valley.

    BEST MOVIE EVER. I really have pretty much the whole entire thing memorized.

  2. Sad day... I've had many experiences like that working with food. I feel your pain!

    One question, was Jimmy Eat World playing in the background?
    Good, good show. Cheesy but good nonetheless.

  3. UUUUGHHHH I HATE THAT TOOO. You know what? You can do it Caitlin. You SHOULD try it. And you will rock it. You ran a whole marathon, what can you not do?