June 11, 2011

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Here's the deal. I gotta blog about this before I forget all the lovely details.

I woke up this morning at 3:20 feelin' like P.Diddy. I probably fell asleep around 10 (I couldn't sleep forever) so I felt pretty great. Plus, I was really excited so tiredness was a non-issue. The one problem was I usually poop (sorry...running is graphic) every morning before my run, and when I don't I get what I like to call runner's bum where a few miles into my run I need to go now. Anyway, that was a big concern. I got all my stuff and left the house around 3:40 or so and drove to park my car so that I could get on the shuttle to the starting line. I met two moms who became my pre-race friends and we chatted on the bus. I ate a banana and drank some water. As we were riding up to the start I saw how long the race was and the bus ride felt so long that I got pretty scared...and I noticed a few hills that I was not anticipating. But I was still really stoked. I tried to force myself to poop like three different times, to no avail. Stretched a little, ate my chomps, got my ipod all situated, put my bag in the big yellow truck, and headed over to the start where one of the moms was really good at getting me excited and inspired and shiz.

I knew that adrenaline was taking over my body, so I planned ahead for that and kept things under control and started at my normal pace. The race...was crazy. I couldn't really tell if I was falling behind or passing people but there were people I saw several times throughout the whole thing and I think my pace was pretty consistent. Usually I start out pretty slow and pick it up in the middle, which is what happened today. But then towards the end of the race I started to go really slow. It bugged me a little that it took me so long to finish (2 hrs 44 min and 1 sec) because I am so competitive and I wanted to do it in like ten minute miles so like 2:20:00. I realized while I was running though that to me, time didn't matter so much...I wanted to run the whole way: walking was not an option for me. I have never talked to myself so much in my life. Not out loud, but just in my mind.

Walking is not an option.
The second you start walking, you fail.
It would be ridiculous for you to start walking right now. You're halfway done. Easy.
You need to be able to tell dad that you ran the whole way.
The past 6 months will have been a waste of time if you walk.
You already made the decision to run the whole way. It's not your choice now.
If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. D&C 38:30
Run and not be weary. D&C 89:20
If you start walking right now, you're not allowed to go out tonight and you're not allowed to take a nap or get a pedicure.
This is not even close to the hardest thing you will have to do in your life, so you had better just get over it right now.

And things like that. I said positive things to myself too...haha. I just don't remember them, plus I think they were pretty generic. "You can do it!" and "Jimmer will marry you!"...stuff like that.

I just had to take things 1 mile at a time, that's the only way I got through it. And I have never been so happy to see port-a-potties in my life. Not that I used any of them, but seeing them meant that I had gone 2 miles since the last time I saw them. I tried to be consistent with my water but I kept losing track of it but I stayed pretty hydrated. At the first aid station I accidentally grabbed a cup of Powerade and I thought I was going to throw up. Water only for me, please. I ate chomps at the beginning and at mile 4, but at mile 8 I only ate 2. I could barely stomach them. I burped a ton but I never particularly felt like I was going to throw up.

Once I got out of the canyon, which was like the second half of the race, it got really sunny and hot and long and terrible. At about mile 9 I think, the first place marathoner passed me and I wasn't even mad. He was amazing. This is also the point when my feet started to fall asleep. Out of everything, my feet hurt the most. There was this one lady holding a bunch of signs and one of them said "Got toenails?" and that was when I noticed my toenails...and it was annoying. I didn't know it was possible but my toenails are super sore right now. And I have one blister but I didn't notice it and it doesn't hurt or anything. Once I got to mile 12 I could see the finish line but a minute or so later it was like it got farther away. The last mile was by far the hardest part of the race. I really just wanted to give up, but I also really didn't want to. Running really is battle between your mind and your body and it is a weird feeling.

At about the last .2 miles I turned off my music so I could hear the cheers. That's the best part. I saw my friends waiting for me and cheering me on right by the finish line and I was so happy to see them. There is honestly no better feeling than crossing that finish line. Best feeling in the world. I felt amazing...I can't really describe it.

Then I said a bunch of weird stuff and had water, oranges, pizza, chocolate milk, and a banana creamie. Then when Canyon was driving my car home he had his hand out the window and a bird pooped on his hand and it got inside the car. I think he was mad but we were both cracking up.

Got home, took a bath and a shower, took a nap, watched Friday Night Lights, ate Cafe Rio. Probably going to take another nap. BEST DAY EVER!

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