February 18, 2011

26, 27, 28.

I don't watch scary movies and I don't go to haunted houses or haunted ships or haunted mazes or anything like that. Snakes are my number one fear. Another thing I fear is looking back on my life and saying "Wow, I really wish I would have_____." It's so cliche, but so real to me. Hence why I'm in Russia. I didn't want to let the opportunity pass me by. And tomorrow I am going to a huge flea market in Moscow and I will have to take the metro and I am really really scared but I am so excited. I think facing fears is a huge part of life because unless you do then...what's the point? But the snake thing. That's different. I'll never face that and I don't mind not facing it. Really don't feel like I'm missing out on that one.

Favorite place.
Seriously anywhere in America!!! Just kidding. The Outer Banks is probably my favorite place. Keep in mind I've never been to Hawaii. But honestly any time I'm with my family, that's my favorite place. Never a dull moment.

Something you miss.
Oh, where do I even begin?! Let me tell you...you really don't know what you got 'til it's gone. But let's just ignore the Russia thing for now because that would be so annoying if I was like my roommates, my family, my friends, my social life, my dog, in-n-out, cafe rio, costa vida, pizza, corn dogs, red mango, dairy queen, the grocery store, BYU, football, the sunshine, temperatures above zero degrees, President Obama, good ice cream, Abby, going out, boys, AMERICA.

I miss my friends who are on missions. Truly. I like to do this thing where I'm like (let's take Phil for example because he left last) "Oh, so I'll get back from Russia, then live it up in summertime, then school will start, then it will be my birthday, Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then school starts again, then school will be over, then summertime and swimming and fun times and then he will be home! It's practically days away!" Right. But it actually kind of works because I think back to one year ago (Casey's baptism, going home for the weekend with Emily and Abby, Britton coming to Utah to visit, the ultimate fun dance party) and I can remember so much about it and it feels like yesterday. So it's not so bad!

Let's be real. The reason I'm blogging is because it's Friday night and I have nothing better to do than gorge myself, plan my wedding, listen to Radiohead, watch Gossip Girl, and attempt to write letters to missionaries. Actually, I suppose I could start reading Great Expectations. I've finished 3 books since I got here and there's no stopping me now! And call me crazy but I've really been itching to read Gone With the Wind again.

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