January 26, 2011

16. Your first kiss.

My first kiss was in first grade. And it was magical. I think we were playing Cinderella at recess and anyway, my best friend tagged along and me and the boy went behind one of the trailers at Orem Elementary and we smooched. I think he called me at my house the next day which I was excited about but also weirded out by.

So I decided to facebook stalk said first kiss boy today and I learned a few things. (I tried to add him once before but he denied my friend request...guess he didn't remember the magic.)

1. He is on a mission. Bravo, kissy boy.
2. He's still cute.
3. He has dogs.

So at this point I'm like kicking myself for not marrying him behind that trailer. But then I notice something else...

5. He's a U of U fan.

We would never see eye-to-eye.
I ended up finding a lot of my first grade friends on facebook when I was stalking him and one girl like plays tons of shows in Provo and Utah Valley. Hey, friend. Who knew you would grow and afro and become a superstar sensation and valedictorian @ Mountain View?

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