January 24, 2011

14. What you wore today.

1. Look at my hair. That should give you a good idea of what I wore this morning and afternoon...sweats and a t-shirt. PS I love Ryder and Mason and Golden Spoon. Mason took the picture. He's a good photographer.

2. Abby is also a good photographer.

3. Legging jeans- Gap. $30. (It was a very special day at Gap where all the jeans were 50% off. I love those days.)

4. Nail polish- OPI "Tease-y Does It." Gifted.

5. Tie-dye shirt- Hanes V-neck that I tie-dyed last year in the middle of the night. Probably like $1 for the shirt. And someone else bought the tie-dye.

My hair is all mine. Made by me. You can't buy that gloriousness anywhere.

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