January 23, 2011

12. What's in your bag and 13. This week.

Key to apartment on a Beatles LOVE keychain my parents got me in Vegas at the Cirque show.
Wisps. One used.
Princess pen from Disneyland.
I like to carry a book around with me. To write down my thoughts.
OPI lip gloss from the Hansens for Christmas.
Lip gloss from Forever 21 from Kenz for Christmas. (Love this gloss. And it's cheap!)
Car keys.
Program from church in my home ward.
Plain pen.
LUSH Whip Stick lip balm. It's made of chocolate and orange. Yum.
Tangled ticket stub from when I went with Channing. Favorite movie.
Map from Mexico that Kenz gave me.
My iPod...original first-generation classic first ipod ever made. (Exaggeration)
BYU Hockey season pass.
About a buck in change.
Wallet I got from Target for $5.
I just cleaned out all my receipts and junk...lucky you.

This week...was fun.
*Stuffing my face at FHE. We went to the bishop's house for dinner. Yum.
*Basketball game VS TCU. I love watching basketball...I am in love with watching Jimmer play basketball and pwn fools.
*Watching the Wedding Singer. I had never seen it and I LOVED it!
*Playing Super Smash brothers with Ryder and Mason.
*Being sick.
*Abby threw me a Russian-themed going away party and it was so lovely! Pictures included.
*A failed trip to Park City with my roommates and EmCulp. The trip was not a failure, but the Park City part was. It was so crowded!
*Saw The Social Network. I love you, Eduardo. You be my Jewish boyfriend?
*Went to Abby's house for dinner...my favorite place in Salt Lake County. Played Just Dance 2 until my pants fell off. They didn't really fall off...it's just an expression...
*Found out that our Visas will be coming this week but they won't be valid until February. So it will be dasvidanye on February 1st! I am looking forward to Moscow...my new adventure.

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