December 15, 2010

Watch your back

It is most definitely engagement season. Not only are like 12 of my facebook friends suddenly flashing they rings, but I can like sense it in the air. It's in the air. In the library. I'm pretty sure that this one couple I accidentally library-stalk is going to get engaged over the break. At least I hope they do. Okay wait...let me tell you this story.

So I used to just sit out in those comfy chairs on the main floor, but it gets pretty noisy out there, so one day I went into the Honors Reading Room and never looked back. Anyway, there's definitely regulars in the HRR...and I guess I'm one of them. So I go in there and there's this boy by me and he's really cute so of course I notice him. But like an hour or two or three later his girlfriend came, but I was basically okay with it because they are way cute together. And let's face it. The only males that sit by me in the library are either married or engaged or about to get engaged. So now I see this couple all the time. They are like the Zanessa (RIP) of my real life. And I'm totally rooting for them. One time I went into the Honors Reading Room and I saw the girl and I thought she was sitting with another guy. And I was like freaking out in my mind wondering if she was cheating or just being really flirty with a guy in her chem class or maybe he had cheated on her and they broke up or etc etc endless possibilities. But then I realized that it WAS guy, he had just gotten a hair cut. That was a huge relief.

Anyway, so now that I've established how creepy and lame I am...let me just say that I really hope they get engaged soon. Maybe even on Christmas or New Year's Eve. Please! I saw/heard another couple smoochin' in the HRR today and I think they're about to get engaged, too. But they were pretty nasty so I don't really care either way..

Youuuu better watch out...better not cry...better not pout, I'm tellin' you why...........your boyfriend is going to PROPOSE when he comes to your house for Christmas! DUH!

PS I got a B+ on one of my favorite papers I've ever written...AKA there is no hope for me in this world.
PPS Abby is so funny!


  1. haha... do you have a boyfriend? Possible engagement? haha... AND CONGRATS!

    I also have seen like 500 break ups over FB recently- I am also blaming it on the Christmas season... claiming- "No one wants to buy Christmas presents..." ha.. I really believe this is true.


  2. HAHA..not even close. No boyfriend, no engagement...probably ever.