December 3, 2010


Since I've been away from home, I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating for Christmas. (Mind you I've only spent two Christmases away from home.) Anyway, I don't really remember being overly excited to decorate for Christmas at my house. Maybe a little, actually. But nothing compares to my holiday spirit this year.

Halloween was approaching and I had already started listening to Christmas music. On Halloween my roommates and I agreed (some were reluctant) that the Christmas decorations could go up at midnight on Halloween night so like...November 1. Nobody was home, Abby and I were bored, and it was like 9 or 10 o'clock and we were dying to put the decorations up. So we set all the clocks forward to midnight, blasted Christmas music, and decked the halls. My roommates were very confused when they realized all the clocks were ahead.

Some people say "Blah humbug. No Christmas decorations, music, lights, or anything of that sort until AFTER THANKSGIVING! RAAAWWWWR!" And you know, to each his own. But riddle me this. What is Thanksgiving about? Being thankful and America and football and food. What is Christmas about? Being thankful and Jesus and food. Jesus made America, and America made football, so I really don't see the problem with mushing the two together as far as decorations go.

The other night, I think it was November 29, as I was leaving the library I said Merry Christmas to the security guard. And he laughed at me and said "WHAT! It's not even December 1st!" WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END? WHEN CAN I FINALLY CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS? Because apparently, the start date isn't the day after Thanksgiving anymore. Oh, no. It has to be December 1. That is nonsense.

I will honestly not be surprised if I encounter someone today who isn't "ready" for Christmas yet. Buncha crackheads.

And I watched While You Were Sleeping for the first time last night and it was SOOO good! Christmas, Chicago, hilarity, love...what could be better?

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