November 26, 2010

(This post has almost nothing to do with Thanksgiving)

I swear I've started five different blog posts in the past week and not published them because my brain in mush or something.'s still mush. Just a few thoughts, I guess.

Please see Tangled ASAP. I laughed, I cried (well, almost...we all know I don't really cry), and Hollie and I listened to the soundtrack about 4 times on the way to St. George.

Cigarette lighters in cars. I think the only reason they keep putting them in new cars is for DVD players and iPod things and stuff. Which I find really fascinating for some reason.

I miss my friends. By which I mean Emily, Pleb, Britton, Chan, Boo.

I hate Black Friday. In my family, it's called Buy Nothing Day. I hate shopping, I hate waiting, I hate psycho moms. So...yeah. Not going to that.

One last thing. I'm the coolest person I know. Don't you forget it.

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