October 29, 2010

Word Vomit

Today was by far my worst day for Jimmerness. I was all stoked to say "Good luck tonight!" to him after class, and I was all hyped up on basketball from going to the Jazz game last night (so fun), and the words were practically tumbling out and I zipped my lips. Like a padlock.

I bet at least 500 people are going to say to him today "Good luck tonight!" and he will say "Thanks." And for some reason, I just couldn't do it! I know why. Two fears.

1) Irrational fear that there really ISN'T a basketball game tonight. THERE IS A GAME. I AM GOING TO THE GAME. I have seriously read the e-mail ten times.

2) Rational fear that instead of saying "Good luck tonight!" I would say something like..."Good luck tonight...not that you need it. I mean, 'cause you're really really good I'M BEING YOU FOR HALLOWEEN." Rambling. Blabbing. Etc.

But of course I texted T on the verge of tears, and he gave me some pretty solid advice. "Just think of it like...you're telling me good luck in my race. NBD."

That's all there is to it, you guys. Next time. For real.

Now I'm gonna go blow big bucks on a Jimmer jersey. Or a $5 basketball shirt. Whichever happens, happens.

P.S. Why do people keep covering Teenage Dream and changing the lyrics to be lame? "Let you rest your head on me, if that's what you need, in this teenage dream tonight." WTF.

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