October 15, 2010


Well, I was doing my Physical Science vocab quiz, but frankly, I don't know half the answers so...here we are.

Have you seen the You Belong With Me music video? Of course you have. You know this shirt? Junior Jewels? (PS Don't you just love this boy? Lucas Till? I prefer to call him Travis. But yeah. Looooooooooooooove.)


Through a mysterious chain of events yesterday, I decided to make that shirt. Aaaaand it took me a long time, but it's awesome. And even with pausing the video over and over at all different angles, I couldn't figure out what it said on the back. Something like "---------FFY?" So I just put "JEFFY." I'm very very proud of my work....and I am also convinced that I am the coolest person on the planet.

Me: I was like...(blah blah blah)
Boo: In a b*tchy tone? Sometimes you have a b*tchy tone
Me: Yeah I think I had a tone.
Boo: Stop with the tone
Me: Can't help it!
Boo: Yes. You can.
Me: Ugh.
Boo: Ugh you! You have to be nice
Me: I am SO nice!
Boo: Well I mean sometimes you can be not so nice with your words...
I'm workin' on it, people.

Goin' home today. Hooray :)

PPS I applied for a job at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I just know that if they saw my Junior Jewels shirt they would hire me on the spot for creativity and craftiness!

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  1. It is so cute! :) That video is great.

    Love, Makay