September 7, 2010

NBD= Nervous Breakdown

I thought of all these great things to say last night while I was lying in bed trying desperately to fall asleep. But apparently in my [stomach/ovary/uterus/barfy] pain-induced stupor I forgot...all of it.

But how could I forget the nervy b I had yesterday?
Let me start at the beginning.

So, technically, I am classified as "Open major." I haven't declared yet, but right now I'm planning on American Studies, with an International Development minor. They have nothing to do with each other, really, but if you know anything about at least sort of get it. Just trying to do what I love, peeps.

Yesterday I was looking at the BYU job board online. And there was this job of like...decorating desserts. And I wanted it. Really bad. Like, hello. But the shifts wouldn't work with my American Studies class. I had to think really hard about if I wanted to drop it or not because Jimmer is in that class, and also it's potentially my major. (Notice the order there.) And that's when everything went downhill! I started to think...maybe I don't want to do American Studies...Maybe I should just drop all my classes...I have no life plan...This semester is a waste...Athletic Training...Landscape Management...Urban Planning...Teaching Social Studies...Blah blah blah. All exclamations.

The point is, if you for some reason thought I had everything figured out...You are dead wrong! As for this semester, I held off on drasticality, and the job was gone when I looked again this morning. I can basically see myself doing anything, everything, and nothing for my career.

Watch Taylor Swift's new video. It makes me like the song more. When I grow up, I hope I have a bunch of towheaded boy babies. Like 7.

Another thing, I hate when people throw the word "ignorant" around. It's so overused...think of something else to say, ignorant person!

PS. Search Tyler Ward on youtube. LOVE.

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